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What Traditional Publishers Don't Want You To Know

This workshop will give you the tools to publish a book that rivals anything you'll find in your local bookstore...

Central London – You only have to look online and you’ll find page upon page of ‘how-to blogs’ and just as many workshops telling you how to ‘self-publish with confidence’.  However, the majority will only give you a few generic pointers and a few generic guidelines. That’s great, but what happens when you are faced with the hands-on, nitty-gritty details of publishing your book?

Yes you know you need editing, yes you know you need a good cover, but HOW do you set up an Amazon account? How do you format a book for paperback? How do you format for an E-Book? How do you set up Ingram Spark to harness their distribution to over 39,000 retailers? What about the US tax system and how do you make sure you have the correct information uploaded?

Having spent many years finding out this information, we thought it was time to put together one cohesive workshop that will give you all the practical tools to help you publish your book. So, if you want more than a vague idea and some over-arching concepts, then THIS is the workshop for you.

Hosted in the amazing Jermyn Street Studio Theatre in central Picadilly, and pulling together a panel of experts, we will guide you through the following:-

  • What is meant by Independent Publishing?
  • ISBNs, Barcodes and Covers
  • How do you brief a cover designer
  • Amazon – Createspace Accounts
  • Ingram Spark Accounts
  • The Bookseller’s Perspective
  • How to sell your book rights
  • E-books, format and setup

Our workshop culminates with The Ultimate Success Story – Adam Croft, and your chance to hear from one of the most successful independent authors in the world.

This is an amazing opportunity to find out all you need to know in one place, without spending hours of trial and error. The price includes lunch and a chance to network throughout the day.

Numbers are strictly limited.